Adult Violin Lessons in Singapore

Have you always wanted to learn the violin but didn’t have the chance to do so previously?

Don’t worry! Even as an adult, you can still learn the violin!

You see, the violin is an amazing string instrument that is enjoyed by people of all ages. People who learn and play the violin comes from all ages too. If you are looking for a dedicated violin teacher who can teach adult violin lessons, we can help you.

From our experience, we have received enquiries from adults who want to start private violin lessons because of the various reasons:

  • Learn to play their favorite songs on the violin
  • Learn to play piano as a hobby
  • Learn to play piano along with their children
  • Playing the piano is listed as one of their life goals
  • Learn to play a love song on their wedding day
  • They are inspired by famous violinists like Itzhak Perlman, Niccolo Paganini, or YouTube sensations like Lindsey Stirling!

Whatever your wish is, rest assured that our violin teachers will be able to fulfil them.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will it be too late for me to learn violin if I start as an adult?

Nope. Anyone can learn the violin at any age. We have students who started learning the piano at 20 years old, and some at 55 too. There is no age limit. The progress of the learning will depend more on the lessons and practice discipline.

Can I learn the violin without going for examinations?

Yes, definitely. Our teachers never force students to take exams unless they want it as part of their learning goals.

Can I learn only one song, and that's it?

Yes, we have students who want to learn how to play only one song, usually for special occasions like wedding proposal or valentine’s day. Yes, you can send in your request, and lessons will be customized to help you learn the song.

What are the duration and fees?

Duration: 45 – 60min per lesson.

The fees will be based on the type of lessons, location, and frequency of lessons. Once you send in your request, the teacher will contact you and let you know the fees.

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