Discipline And The Violin

Do you wonder how much discipline is required to play the violin? Do you wonder if you don’t have what it takes? That may be so, but you are thinking about it backward. Let me explain to you the relationship between discipline and playing the violin.



The violin is an instrument that requires a commitment to start seeing results. Yes, that means practicing. And practicing requires discipline. You have to sit down for long periods to play repetitive exercises over and over until they get ingrained in your head. And you need to be mindfully present. 

With all the distractions around us, it seems like an impossible task. You may end up thinking you don’t have the discipline to do this. But, where does discipline come from? Does it need to be developed before you can make use of it?


This is what most people get wrong. The practice is the discipline itself. When you have to do what I’ve written before, the practice, you are working out your mind. By the act of practicing you are developing the discipline of practicing. Like working out in the gym, your “discipline” muscles get stronger every time you use them. 

The key is to do it progressively. Start with small, spaced-out practice sessions, and increase the length up to what you can currently tolerate, and then a bit more. Stretch your limits and you will be rewarded almost without noticing it.


The best part? Discipline doesn’t have to do anything at all with the violin. It is a mental state.

What that means is that you can apply it to any other part of your life. Discipline is your new superpower and can help you conquer any other obstacle that gets in your way.

It also means that, if you are already a disciplined person in other areas, you can apply the same mentality to your violin practice. It is a two-way street.

For The Parents

A note for parents. Discipline is a trait that you want to instill in your children. It’s one of the most useful skills they can gain in their life. But remember to go easy at it. Don’t overwhelm your kids, don’t go so far that they quit.

Children are easily distracted and bored, so discipline has to be combined with fun so their brain stays engaged. With time and patience, they will learn to appreciate the discipline of practice and even enjoy it.

Do yourself a favor and contact one of our qualified violin teachers, the results you will get with them will help you conquer discipline, and become a better person because of it. 

If you have children, we have specialized teachers that will keep them engaged and passionate about the violin as well.

Learning And Playing The Violin Should Be Fun!

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