The Happy Music Sheet Folder Extended – For Pianists & Violinists!


Read 4 Pages At Once

The Folder extends up to 4 pages so you can read and play longer pieces of music without worrying about page turning

Music Sheet Secured Perfectly

Music sleeve designed to hold top and bottom of music sheet so that it won’t drop out of the folder.

Write Notes Easily

Music sleeve design allows you to write notes on your music sheet without taking in and out of folder.

Ring Binding

Allows the folder to open at 180-degree angle, with music sheet stays firmly for easy reading, and prevents the folder from closing in on itself while you are practicing

No Reflection

Read music notes clearly on stage during performance, and not distracted by reflections caused by lighting. 

Beautifully Designed For Pianists & Violinists!

Available in black, blue, green, peach and purple, for pianists and violinists too. Collect all 5 colours today!

Our First Music Folder Has Made Many Musicians Happy! 

We Believe The Extended Version Will Make Everyone Happier!

Get Your Folder Today. Be A Happy Violinist!

The Happy Music Sheet Folder Extended comes in designs for both Pianists and Violinists!

Available in 5 Colours – black, blue, green, peach and purple. 

Collect all colours and be a Happy Violinist!

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