Singapore is currently expanding its reach into the arts and classical music field.

What are the different ways to get yourself exposed to classical music?

Is Canon in D considered to be classical music? Is Yiruma’s songs considered classical.

Well, not really. These are contemporary pieces.

Classical music refers to music that has traditions from its western roots, typically emerging from the baroque, classical, romantic and 20th century periods.

Some notable composers are Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Chopin, Debussy.

How do you get involved in the scenes?

Social media

Right now, the internet sensation is so great!

Getting yourself in touch with piano music such as Yiruma is a first step to having an interest in the classical arts!

Subscribe or like classical music social media accounts! It may not be serious accounts that has lectures about classical music.

It can be funny, comedic social media accounts that mainly focus on classical music such as twoset violins or classical music humour.

They are a great way to brighten your day but at the same time, give you insights

to the classical world!

 Free concerts

I could not emphasize how great the classical world is becoming.

Every Monday or Thursday, classical music students from Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts would present their musical niche at the Lee Foundation Theatre.

It’s free admission and what is presented has a variety of genres, ranging from piano duets to chamber orchestra works.

It is definitely an eye opener! Esplanade concourse has musical events almost every week so check out their website!

Music Classes

Last but not least, sign your child or yourself up for music lessons.

Your teacher will definitely give you an in depth history of almost all the classical musicians in the world.

Their different styles and characters that would make you have a deeper understanding of what classical music is all about!


If you are interested in classical music and would like to know more about it, employ these 3 tips and get exposed to your heart’s content.

Starting your child out by bringing them to classical concerts would definitely influence them to have a classical taste bit by bit!

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