The Best Way For Musicians To Improve Sight Reading

No one likes sight reading.

But we all know how important sight reading is for violinists. Or rather, all musicians.

Not just for exams’ sake, but to really learn and play any piece of music well at a glance.

To be able to pick any music sheet, and start playing in tune, confidently.

Watch this video for the best way to improve your sight reading.

If you want to improve your sight reading, play more music.

If you only play 3 violin exam pieces a year, how can you be good in sight reading?

You have only read 3 pieces. The notes in these 3 pieces only.

To be good in sight reading, you have to keep reading.

If you don’t read new music regularly, you’re not training your brain to recognise new music notes.

Here’s two ways to improve your sight reading:


1. Duet with someone better than you.

Get your teacher, or a violinist who is better than you, to play duet with you.

While playing, you may find yourself lost or play the wrong notes but it’s okay. Just continue the playing and catch up with the other violinist.

This will train you to read notes fast to move in tandem with the other violin.


2. Play a lot of repertoire.

Explore music outside of the regular 3 exam pieces.

Yes, exam pieces are definitely more important, but you can always find time to learn music in between your lessons while preparing for exams.

Find music sheet online for songs and pieces you like, and learn on your own.

There are classical music, pop music (English, Chinese, Cantonese, Korean, Japanese), movie songs, anime music, musicals, game songs, and many other genre of music you can explore on your own. You don’t have to wait for your teacher.

And this is how you improve your sight reading!


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