Larsen Violin Strings Review


Larsen violin strings, founded by its founder, Laurits Th. Larsen, though not a household brand name, are considered one of the finest strings in the market.

Laurits Th. Larsen was a famous violinist from Denmark. In 1985, he thought of running a business to supplement his violin playing, and after considering several options, he decided to produce violin strings. His first ever violin strings created drew appraisals from eminent Danish and German musicians.


Other than violin strings, Larsen is also known for its cello strings, which is highly acclaimed among many cellist.


About Larsen Violin Strings

Larsen violin strings have a new synthetic core, which is more correctly known as a newly developed composite fiber bundle core. Its string quality can be compared to Thomastik Dominant strings.

The strings’ unique combination of overtones allows top quality sound to be produced – one which carries, and at the same time, pleasant to the ear of the player. The tone is also warm, with good balance of brightness and warmth. The Larsen violin strings also offer similar sound and response similar to gut strings.

They are widely praised for their complex rich tone, with good focus and projection.

Laren violin strings are also more durable and long lasting than many other comparable brands.


Buying Larsen Violin Strings

Larsen violin strings are made for 4/4 sized violins only. Its string set includes:

– Silver Winding – Composite Fiber Core G

– Silver Winding – Composite Fiber Core D

– Aluminium Winding – Composite Fiber Core A

– Tin Plated Steel Ball/Loop-end E

Larsen strings are priced competitively and the quality of sound it brings far outweighs the price it commands. Definitely a great buy for violinists.

A full string set will cost cheaper online than you buy at your local music store. Check out the prices, and look out for discounts when you purchase online too!


Larsen Tzigane 4/4 Violin String Set

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