Profile Of Violin Teacher

Mr Trevor

  • 13 Years of Teaching Experience
  • Full-Time Music Teacher
  • Experienced in coaching children from 4 years old onwards
  • Grade 8 Practical
  • Grade 8 Theory
  • Customize lessons to suit every student’s needs
  • Teaching Location: Home Studio at Bukit Batok, or at student’s home around Singapore


Hi, I’m Trevor, and currently in my 40s.

I’ve been teaching violin for over 13 years now. I’m a full-time music teacher, a private violin teacher.

I have been running music courses in kindergartens for little kids, and very experienced in coaching children from 4-6 years old.

My violin students are from 4 years old to adults, with students learning for leisure and for exams.

Learning violin is slightly different from other instruments, like the keyboard or piano.

Therefore I plan what’s the most suitable syllabus and way of learning for each individual student.

What I mean by “different”? Learning violin requires to train coordination, sensitivity in certain parts of fingers and posture from the very first lesson, which other instruments may not require (yet).

Every student, be it adults or children has different strength in these area.

Therefore I developed a system to make learning easier and more efficient, and fun! I teach at my home studio at Bukit Batok, but I also travel to student’s homes for lessons too.

I look forward to seeing you in my classes!


English, Chinese Mandarin


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