Obligato Violin Strings Review


Obligato violin strings are one of the most popular synthetic core strings. With all else equal, compared with other synthetic core strings, the Obligato strings come closest to the quality of sound produced by gut core strings.



About Obligato Violin Strings

Obligato violin strings are one of the most popular violin strings in the market, as it is made using advanced manufacturing techniques. Strings with similar construction includes the Pirastro Evah Pirazzi. What’s favorable about the Obligato is their warm gut-like tone, and its stability to temperature and climate changes.

The Obligato strings are also praised for its bright and powerful tone, qualites which are favored by most violinists. Strong projections of tone will also be observed. If you have a bright violin, it will go well with Obligato.

From the set of Obligato violin strings, all three strings (G, D, A) will come with the ball end. For the E string, you can choose between a ball end or a loop end, based on your violin tailpiece. For the A string, you can choose between the Chrome Steel  A string, or the aluminum A. The Chrome A is brighter and more powerful than the aluminum A.

Sometimes, the Pirastro Obligato violin rosin is used by violinists to complement with the Obligato strings.


Buying Obligato Violin Strings

Obligato violin strings only come in a standard length for 4/4 size violins only. Hence, if your violin is of smaller size, you might want to consider other violin strings of similar quality, like the Pirastro Violino.

Get your Obligato violin strings online. Obligato violin strings set may cost slightly higher than other synthetic core strings. By purchasing online, you can cheaper deals and further discounts too.


Pirastro Obligato 4/4 Violin String Set

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