Pop Songs Violin Cover


As we learn the violin, other than classical music, we sometimes tend to play violin cover of pop songs too. Playing the violin cover of pop songs can be fun, because you know the songs already, and you just want to play it out on your violin.

However, most of the time, pop songs are written for singing only, or at the most, with piano accompaniment. Most songs do not have parts for violins. But wait, that does not mean you cannot record the pop song violin covers!

At this page, you can find the violin covers of some famous pop songs Marcus has recorded on violin. You may know some of the songs, and may like to play on your violin too. Watch the videos and see how your favorite song can be played on the violin too!


River Flows In You (Lindsey Stirling Version) Violin Cover

river-flows-in-you-violin-sheet-music-300x163River Flows In You is a popular piano piece by Japanese composer Yiruma. The song is really famous, and it has been re-arranged by popular dancing violinist, Lindsey Stirling. Here am I playing the song on my church’s 3rd anniversary celebration.

If you’d like to listen to how the song is played, then click on the image or the link above. There is also a link to direct you to get the violin sheet music of River Flows In You!


You Raise Me Up Violin Cover

you-raise-me-up-violin-coverYou Raise Me Up is a song by Josh Groban. The song is famous, and although has been written many years ago, it is still one of the favorites for many people.

If you’d like to listen how You Raise Me Up is played on violin, then click on the image or the link above. You Raise Me Up Violin Sheet Music is available too.



A Thousand Years Violin Cover

a-thousand-years-violin-coverA Thousand Years is a famous love song by Christina Perri. It is originally a song, but it has also been played by many instruments. Hence, you can also make your own A Thousand Years on violin.

If you like to listen to the it, click on the image or the link above. A Thousand Years Violin Sheet Music is available too.


Rolling In The Deep Violin Cover

rolling-in-the-deep-violin-coverRolling In the Deep is a popular song by Adele. Many people love this song because of its beats and rhythm, and of course its lyrics. Yes, it can be played on the violin too!

See how you can play your own Rolling In The Deep on your own violin. Click the image of the link above. Rolling In The Deep Violin Sheet Music is available too.


Sad Romance Violin Cover

sad-romance-violin-coverSad Romance is song by Thao Nguyen Xanh. People loved this song because it’s an emotional one, and gives people a sad feeling when they listen to it. It is said to be featured in Final Fantasy X too. Love Sad Romance?

Then learn how you can play it on your violin too. Sad Romance Violin Sheet Music is available too.


Amazing Grace My Chains Are Gone Violin Cover

amazing-grace-my-chains-are-gone-violin-coverAmazing Grace My Chains Are Gone is a song by Chris Tomlin. The song is widely popular and is used by many churches as its worship song. It is originally sung, but the beautiful melody can be played on the violin.

No violin sheet music is available for this song, as the cover is played entirely by ear. But you can try to figure out the notes though!


You Have A Violin Cover?

If you had your own violin cover and would like to be featured over here, let us know. We will highlight some of the best violin covers to inspire more people to record their own covers.


Violin Cover Ideas?

Do you have a pop song that you would like to listen in violin? Let us know in the comments! We will pick some of the best choices and recorded them in violin!

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