As a student who starts on the journey of learning the violin, it is essential to extend your creativity in a million ways!

Learn classical pieces but learn pop as well!

There are pros and cons learning the violin the pop way!



  1. Improves Aural skills

Sometimes, if you just want to play the violin leisurely or to express your love for music via the pop songs you play on the violin, you may not necessarily need to read the music score.

For example, if you come across a melody/ popular song you really like, you can just replicate whatever you just heard and translate it into your violin playing.

This may

seem easy but it actually requires a ton of effort since it’s all about using your ear to pick out the melody and rhythm.

In a way, this is similar to aural dictation!

  1.  Keeps you highly interested


Pop songs are incorporated in our daily lives!

Without them, life would be really boring!

Young kids especially, hear catchy melodies from “frozen” or their favourite cartoon and would definitely be influenced to try out these songs on the violin.

This way, they would be able to play their favourite song over and over again.

By learning the violin leisurely and just playing the violin the pop way, students will never become bored!



  1. Technique


In the classical world, there are a ton of techniques that are incorporated into classical pieces.

Teachers who are teaching the pop way will most likely not touch on intricate details such as double stops, pizzicato, drones.

The pop way is to learn the correct rhythm and pitch and play it beautifully in a legato(smooth) way.

It is not so much of the different kinds of ‘tone colour’ that are constantly nagged by virtuostic violinists of the classical world.

  1. Structure


Unlike the classical world, pop lessons are usually very flexible and score based, meaning that there is no set lesson materials that are used for lessons.

Usually classical lessons employ the suzuki method book but in pop, there are a hundred million ways to conduct lessons thus making the structure not stable and may sometimes be slightly confusing.


Learning violin the pop way has its advantages and disadvantages.

However, learning the violin whichever you or your child prefers, is your choice.

Learning the violin should be fun and engaging! If you are goal oriented and would like to sit for violin examinations, the classical way would be the safest.

If you or your child is just looking for fun and leisure lessons, pop violin may just be the one you’re looking for!

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