The Ultime Violin Care Guide


As we violinists learn to play the violin, we should also practice good violin care habits for our precious instrument. A good violin care habit will go a long way to ensure our violin will always perform at its best when we play it.


Your violin will always be new, if you care for it. Creditfirepile

Providing great violin care for our dear violins, will also show our love and respect for the instrument. And we will be proud that we took great care of it.

However, while we can say violinists are lazy to take care of their violin, the fact is that most of them are not told how to do so. Most are not taught violin care practices like changing violin strings, cleaning violin bow, or just storing the violin properly. But you don’t have to worry now.

Here at this page, you can find guides on how to take good care of your violin. Every individual guide contains simple violin care practices that you can do everyday for your violin.


How To Change Violin Strings?

Our violin strings wear and tear after long periods of playing. And when they break, we have to change them with new one. So how do you change new violin strings? How do you do it safe and easy? Here’s a complete step-by-step guide to show you how to change violin strings.


Bow Rehairing And Bow Care – How To?

The violin bow is an important companion to the violin, and we have to learn how to take care of it! You might also need bow rehairing for your bow, when the hair is no longer working. How do you do it? This guide will show you how.


How To Store The Violin?

When we are not playing the violin, we have to store it well, so that it’s still in a tip-top condition when we play it again. What are the correct ways to store them? How do you protect the violin and the bow? Find your answers here.


How To Clean The Violin?

We want our violins to look fresh and clean every time we play it. Hence, it’s important we learn how to clean our violins too! This guide will show you how to clean your violin, in just 2 mins. Check it out!


How To Clean The Violin Bow?

Yes. You have to clean the violin bow too! A violin bow hair which carries lots of violin rosin will make playing difficult. How do you remove and wash away all rosin from the hair? This guide will show you how to do it in 3 mins!


How To Buy Violin Insurance?

On top of general violin care practices, you can ensure additional violin care by buying violin insurance for it. However, the most pressing questions violinists face, is how to choose violin insurance that will provide the greatest violin care to their violin? This guide will show you how to buy the violin insurance you need!

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