Many students and also teachers would often face this problem…performance anxiety.

There is nothing abnormal to it!

Performance anxiety can happen to anyone who is about to go up on stage to perform, be it playing the violin, playing the piano or singing a song.

However, fret

not! There are ways to handle performance anxiety!



As we all know, practice makes perfect.

If you have practiced well enough, you would have gained muscle memory and thus you would have confidence that you will not blank out at the last minute.

With enough practice, you would feel ready and when you go up on stage, you would be more than ready to give it your all.



Before you perform, negative thoughts would definitely cloud your mind.

“What if I forgot the lyrics? What if I play the wrong note? What if my fingers get stuck?”

If you push away these negative thoughts and fill your mind up with sentences like….”I am going to shine today, I am going to sing beautifully, I am going to have every bit of fun out on that stage.”

Trust me, your willpower will shoot up to a tremendous height and you won’t feel scared anymore.

Stretching and deep breaths


Before you play the piano, it’s best to shake your whole body.

Start from your neck rotations to your shoulder rolls and then your finger stretches.

That goes the same for violin. If you are a singer, do some lip trills and do some full breathing of your own.

Relax and calm your nerves. Inhale through your nose and then exhale through your mouth.

Feel your body lifting and swaying in the wind.

This helps you relax and gain control of your body without feeling yourself shake with anxiety.



On stage, do not think of anyone who are watching you.

Simply visualize the crowd as though they aren’t there. If it doesn’t work, think of things that you like.

Be it flowers or bears. Thinking about how others may judge you will definitely hinder your thoughts and will distract you from having full focus in the performance.

Visualize the melodies that you are singing or playing.

Visualize the story behind the pieces that you play or sing.


Mind over body

Remember! Regardless of how your hand shakes, sweat, or clenches….it is your mind that plays a huge part in performance anxiety.

Tell yourself to have fun onstage. To enjoy each and every moment on stage as though it was your last.

Make every minute count.

Keep telling yourself that you are doing great and you’ll definitely go a long way!

Performance anxiety is one thing that will hinder your way to reach your full potential.

Remember these tips and adhere to them and you will realise that slowly… will be focusing on things that matter that you don’t feel afraid anymore!

Have fun on stage!


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