The very answer to this question is a definite NO! It applies to every instrument as well.

It is never too late to learn anything. Adults on the other hand are able to

absorb skills at a faster rate because explanations can be

absorbed much quickly and effortlessly as compared to

a young child thus, speeding up the learning process! Adults can indeed have adult violin lessons!


Clean cut!

When teachers hand out an instruction on how to play the violin such as the curving of fingers, the different finger positions on the fingerboard of the violin,

it may get a little uncomfortable at the start but once adults are able to imitate the teacher’s fingers or examples,

the adults will automatically be able to understand where and how to place their fingers on the fingerboard! Ta-Da!

Not much trouble there! Not much talking needed too!


This is a very important thing to teachers. Teachers tend to have to be able to be patient and

try to be able to “discipline” children who can’t seem to pay attention or just simply refuse to practice.

However, adults on the other hand, they pay the money for the lessons!

It is a must to definitely focus during lessons, practice if the adults want to progress at a faster rate.

Your own money, your own call! As simple as that!

Adults have discipline thus making learning the violin easy!


Do not be mistaken! Lots of young children have interest in the violin too!

But due to young age, some might get bored a little while later and the teacher

can sense that their interests are dissipating thus they are losing their focus during lessons or

they just do not have the drive to keep going anymore.

On the other hand, adults who go for violin lessons find teachers because

they do have an interest in the violin and because violin is not a difficult instrument and

with practice and an attentive ear, adults are able to feed their desires and let their interest unfold from there!


True, adults are working most of the time, so how do adults find the time for lessons?

On the contrary, adults have the advantage! Adults are able to make arrangements with teachers so

that they

may be able to have a couple of extra lessons here and there if they feel the need to catch up on their skills!

Another time factor that is to adults’ advantages:

no school, no homework, no extra need for revision unlike younger students who require long gruelling hours at home, studying!


This is an important point I would like to emphasize on!

Communication between teachers and students goes a long way! Adults have it easier, regarding communication.

If the adult is unsure of the instructions given or find that there are certain things he/she might not agree with the teacher,

voicing out their own opinions or doubts will be much easier as compared to younger children.

Most of the time, when teachers ask, “ what are you unsure of, or… are you clear?”

Students of younger ages tend to simply nod their head or shrug, thus slowing down their learning processes.

Adults on the other hand are able to give concise opinions

to aid them in their lessons and this deepens their understanding during violin lessons.

It is a win-win situation for both teachers and adult learners!


So, is it too late for adults to learn the violin? Definitely not!

It is never too late to learn an instrument of your choice.

With practice and interest, anything is possible!

Go ahead and find a suitable teacher for your own need!

Written by Berlin Goh

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